If You Do Nothing - Nothing Happens ....... Founded by Veterans, Supported by Patriots.......  Last Updated: February 08, 2016      .......... Do Something Today!!
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Fourth Edition  - Volume One                                                                                                                                                                                                                 February 7, 2016

Why Act Now?

The Longer You Wait To Do Something, The More There Will Be To Do!

Invite Us Today. Share In A Constitutional Awakening.


The Constitutional Guard. This new group is hoping to change the way the American people are governed. Special interests, lobbyists, greed, corruption, the all mighty dollar and lust for power sets the rule of government not the People’s Voice, as predicated by Our Constitution.

It is my opinion that the group best suited to taming the monster we have created are the Veterans and Patriots of America. We have the numbers, we have the training, we have the desire and we have a brotherhood that surpasses all boundaries.

We swore to defend our country at all cost. We thought it was a four year job. Then we found out that after being a solider we became Veterans. Now you realize that defending the country was a lifetime assignment. With little or no compensation, but that’s OK, we never did it for money!

Well Brothers, your country needs you again! It’s time to reenlist.........

Call me "Crazy", but I would like to form a group of American Veterans and Patriots, The Constitutional Guard,  that would communicate in terms of the governing body and the message we would like to send.

Crazy or not, we won’t make any changes if we don’t try. The first thing to try is to increase our numbers. Put your number up for the well being and the future of your country, America. Home of the Brave, Land of the Free.

OK, I've made a commitment. Will you, as a veteran and Patriot, help me make a difference? Let's roll this baby up to the halls of justice and see what happens.

The New Constitutional Guard

"Started by Veterans - Supported by Patriots"

It’s not a third party, it’s a different form of government based on the principles set forth by the Law of the Land, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights as instituted by our founding fathers

It Won’t Be Easy, it Won’t Happen Overnight, but One Thing for Sure,
If We Do Nothing - Nothing Will Happen!

Invite the Constitutional Guard to your meeting for a one hour presentation that will ignite the fires of freedom and reintroduce you to America as it was meant to be. Invite Us Today

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