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Fourth Edition  - Volume One                                                                                                                                                                                                                 February 7, 2016

The Constitutional Guard

Operating outside of government but within the law.

Recognizing the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
as fortified by the Federalist Papers.

The Declaration of Independence stands as a credo.

Over the past many years, the un-constitutional activities of our government (Federal, State, County & Local), have resulted in the degradation of the American way of life, have bankrupted the American economy, ooteddthe treasuries, and have created a prolonged, negative impact, by exporting most of our jobs,uality of life, and education among many other of our attributes. Our freedom, liberty and individual rights have been repealed by the notion that we derive our rights or privileges from the government. Be it individuals, elected officials or government agencies committing these treasonous acts, they must be stopped. Basic and fundamental coConstitutional order must be returned to and by all legal citizens and operated for, of and by the people of the republic!

To realize these ends we must insist that the constitution and it’s supporting documents be read, discussed and clarified in every grade in every learning establishment in every state in America.

To realize these ends we must start a revolution, "The Constitutional Revolution". Organized and orchestrated by "The Constitutional Guard". Promising to be as deliberate and dedicated as the patriots that established our founding revolution, but withholding the violence. Education, information and knowledge shall be the ammunition and the courage and wisdom of our founders will be the weapon of choice.

All the answers to today’s problems are in our Constitution. Our God given rights and the powers we, the people, have bestowed upon the government are all clearly defined in our constitution. We must revive and reinstate our dormant constitution, one veteran, one citizen, one patriot at a time.

Now the real question. What are you willing to do to move your country forward to the constitutional republic it was born to be? And, What will you say when your children ask, What did you do in the revolution Daddy? Your answer could be, "I joined the Constitutional Guard and helped all the people realize what being an American really meant!".

Before we confront the need to answer that question, lets join together to, once again, empower the people through a Constitutional  Revolution. Join The Constitutional Guard! Decency, respect and prosperity are at the core of our goals.

The heart of the revolution speaks through www.FundamentalPress.com. Join today, be free tomorrow.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." ..... Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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