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Fourth Edition  - Volume One                                                                                                                                                                                                                 February 7, 2016

California - The Constitution in All Class Rooms

     I am asking that legislation be written that requires the Constitution and supporting documents (Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights) be read and discussed in every classroom in California.

Step 1.

An e-mail sent to California Assemblyman Paul Cook requesting a return contact stating the topic concerns the Constitution and all California classrooms. I'm waiting for a return to carry to our local school board.

Step 2.

After two weeks of no response I called the local district office and was given an e-mail address and a promise to put the resulting e-mail message on the Assemblyman Cook's desk. I am sending a message this evening

Step 3.

Today I received a call from Dawn Rowe, Assemblyman Paul Cook's field representative, Yucca Valley. I discussed my Idea with her and she agreed to contact the Assemblyman with the idea and set up a meeting if he is interested in a follow-up. She stated she would contact me with the results in the next few days. 

Step 4, Just as I expected!

After approximately 2 months of contacts a meeting was arranged (at the local Starbucks) with Assemblyman Cook. I'll spare you the lengthy details but I came away with these observations:

     A. Mr. Cook & Ms Rowe are definitely politicians, when confronted with my request Paul Cook said, "No", before I ever got the last word out. Stating that that would be too hard. When talking to him about jobs he remarked that the Unions would never allow it.
     B. Mr. Cook & Ms Rowe talked down to me, as a third class citizen or someone of very little importance.
     C. It appears to me that Mr. Cook & Ms Rowe are more interested in their political advancement than they are in preserving the Constitution of The United States of America.
     D. Paul Cook, a decorated Marine, is afraid of the Union Bosses and anyone that could stand in the way of his political advancement.
     E. In the next go round we need to get rid of Mr. Cook & Ms Rowe, and install leaders that are more in tune with serving the country and less concerned with serving themselves.
     F. In light of the feeble effort they made to address the concerns of their constituents, I left Mr. Cook with a plan to save the State Millions of dollars with no initial costs involved. With some degree of enthusiasm he turned to his girl servant and said, "That's a good one, write that down!".

In conclusion I presumed I was lucky that these two very important people were willing to give me the time of day, at Starbucks. I also learned for whom not to cast my next vote.

The Dictionary Defines "Politician":  (politician >noun 1 a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office. 2 chiefly US a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement.).

Step 5.

Find another avenue of approach, don't give up! This is way too important to let go and I don't have much time left to waste on politicians.

Step 6.

I have decided to write and circulate a petition for signatures.
The Goal is to educate our youth in the principals of our Constitution in an effort to preserve the freedoms, liberties and structure of our republic.
The Action would be to have the Constitution, Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence read and discussed in every classroom in California and subsequently in all the states of the union. 

Anyone out there that might want to help? Send an Email

This is the starting point, essentially floundering in the dark. If you have information or ideas that can help shed light on this project, please contact this E-mail.. What we learn in this first state can help with all the rest.

.......... Your State Could Be Next ..........

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